The B&L Farm Story

B&L Farm was purchased several years ago as a distressed and overgrown horse farm. From the moment we purchased this property we knew it was a very special place. Our family has spent more than 10 years with many hours of blood, sweat and tears to make our beautiful farm the gorgeously landscaped and hand built venue it is today. We cannot tell you the amount of hours we have spent to make every detail come to life.  B&L Farm has been a staple in our family and has hosted many family gatherings from reunions, birthdays, graduations, to weddings and more! What was once a private family farm has now evolved into something more.

door entrance to the barn

From Farm to Venue

B&L Farm is a hobby farm that has chickens, gardens, a small orchard with apple and fruit trees as well as large open fields. With the endless amount of family gatherings that have taken place on our farm over the years, someone jokingly said, “You might as well be a Wedding Venue and Event Center” The owners of B&L Farm have successfully ran a party and event rental company for over 20 years. Well that set a spark in our eyes and the building began!  

Every inch of our venue was custom built by our family and with the help of some of our amazing friends. Our wedding venue is made from 90% repurposed materials, even our 12ft cedar doors were hand built from repurposed cedar beams that were in the ceiling of an old building being torn down. Our family brought these beams to our farm, hand cut and built them into the iconic cedar doors that are in our barn today! After many years of building and changing our original vision we now have B&L Farm Wedding Venue and we look forward to sharing our wonderful family farm with you and your family.

It’s All Part of the Experience

At B&L Farm we offer unique beautiful weddings with a style all your own. We offer freedom of choice for your special day because we believe that your wedding should be as unique as you are! From the planning stages to the final touches, we will be by your side to help in any way we can to make your special day become the gorgeous wedding you have been dreaming of.